Date: 8/4/2019

By Weird-dreams

I had a nightmare that my next door neighbor who we think hates us snapped and set our house on fire while we were gone on vacation (which is where we are now). We came home and she was sitting on the couch with this dead look in her eyes and a creepy smile on her face and they asked her what was going on and she wouldn't answer. I looked at her hand and saw a lighter and I said oh no. I ran to the kitchen and saw some fire and screamed at everyone to get the pets and get out. While we were doing this my neighbor just went back to her house. Once outside my sister who doesn't live with us but is on vacation with us and was there when we got there said "it's only on one side so if you guys wanted to grab some things from your bedroom you could go ahead and do that. So I ran back in opened my window in my room and started throwing my things out of it. I started to get worried about being able to get out after a few minutes of throwing my favorite things and ran back through the house out the front door even though it was super hot to get through I didn't get burned. Once outside I looked at my stuff and realized I didn't grab my leather jacket which I recently painted and have yet to wear yet since it is summer. It is probably one of my favorite things I own at the moment. I got really sad that I forgot it and woke up. Weirdly through this whole thing my mom refused to call the cops on my neighbor and was hesitant to even call the fire department. I think it's because my neighbor who did this is an older lady and she didn't feel right about it.