An Overly Priced Theme Park, Riffles and Some Lesbian Shenanigans.

Date: 9/10/2019

By amandalyle

I took the kids to this really expensive place where we not only had to pay an entry fee but also pay for all the rides inside the park individually. “This doesn’t make sense?!” I raged. There was a really cool water slide that the kids wanted to go on, but it cost a harm in the leg to ride. The kids were really disappointed, so I promised they could see some animals and then get something at the gift shop. The animals were running loose and we couldn’t get to see them up close, so that was unsuccessful. As a last resort, we went to the gift shop where they sold a load of cheap tat. My son had found some very girly pink earrings that he wanted to buy “but you haven’t got your ears pierced?!” I said. “I want to buy them for my girlfriend.” He replied. My other son, Alex, was looking at some soft toys. Mostly pigs, and there was one cat. In the end, he went for a cat that looked really lifelike. I took my purchases up to the till and they were so expensive I almost choked on my own breath. I reluctantly took out my bank card and paid, cursing this hugely over priced place under my breath. On the journey home we kept passing massive trucks. But on closer inspection, the truck drivers all had a massive rifle poking out of their window and they were aiming them at us. I drove as quickly as I could, just in case they were going to shoot the damn thing. “What’s happening to this country?!” I thought. Next scene; I was in bed with my husband and we were getting a bit frisky... but, all of a sudden, he said he needed a wee and jumped out of bed. “What a passion killer!” I thought. Then my two friends jumped into bed with me and we started making out. One of them tried to put her hands down there but I moved them away. I felt on edge because I knew Mat might catch us in the act and also my daughter, phoebe and her friends, kept coming in and out all the sodding time. Then my friend Lucy came in and caught us all in bed together. She looked sad that she wasn’t in on the action. My friend kylie told her to sit in the corner (which she did) and then my husband, Mat, came back in and wondered what the heck everyone was doing in our marital bed 😂