Moomin white penis and a lolly pop.

Date: 2/19/2017

By amandalyle

I was in an airport gorging on snacks with my friend kylie. We were planning to go to London again. We were hoping this trip would be more successful. Next scene; I was in a big furniture factory looking for .. well... furniture. I remember seeing a lot of computer chairs and not much else. Next scene; I was giving my husband head, when I realised how white his penis looked (Like Moomin white!) . "Why is his penis so white?" I thought. I then grabbed a mirror and looked at my tongue. To my horror, my tongue looked white too. Abnormally so. I then sucked on a blue lolly pop to make my tongue look less white. It seemed to do the trick. Next scene; I wanted to have a nice bath, but nothing was in the right place. The bath was small and flat like a paddling pool and it was sitting at the bottom of a shower cubical. In order to get in the bath, I had to blow it up. It was all very strange.