My Most Disturbing Dream to Date 😳

Date: 7/21/2017

By amandalyle

I was in bed with my boyfriend, who wasn't my husband (but, for some reason, I was aware that he was a bit of a heartthrob and other girls were after him) I wasn't myself, either. I was a young woman in her early twenties. So, me and mr heartthrob were in bed together in what appeared to be a dimly lit bedroom with only oil lamps for lighting. I also had the feeling that this was post-victorian Vienna (don't ask me why?) It's just a feeling. As we laid side by side, I could feel something kicking in my stomach. A baby. Although, I was aware that I wasn't full term. 26 weeks pregnant, or something like that. I wasn't showing much, but these kicks were growing more intense. My boyfriend put his hand on my stomach and was feeling the kicks, but as he did so, the kicks were growing stronger and stronger. Violent, even. As the baby continued to 'kick the shit out of me', I heard demonic voices coming out of my pillow, telling me the baby was ready to be delivered. "But it's not time!" I yelled. But it was too late; the covers began to fall off my bed and there, standing at the end, was a midwife. "I'm going to deliver your baby now!" she said, thrusting my legs apart and putting them up in these vintage-looking stirrups. I was scared at this point, almost delusional. As she delivered the baby, I realise there was a vicar sitting at the end of the bed, wanking ferociously. Seeing this, I felt exposed and more terrified than ever. I was then seeing the action from the midwife's point of view and reached my hands inside of me (the young woman) to deliver the baby. When the baby finally came out, the room filled with a chilling silence. As the midwife, I looked down at the baby and saw that it was floppy and unresponsive. More chillingly, the baby itself had no bones. Just flesh in the shape of a baby, all floppy and bloody (a stillborn) The midwife threw the baby down on the bedsheets and I , then, was back in the young woman's body - viewing things from her point of view. I felt an overwhelming sadness and loss. But, as I looked down at the baby, I saw that its eyes were completely black and I knew, almost instantly, that this baby was the devil. I then ran up the stairs to the bathroom and committed suicide. I was now the boyfriend who was standing on top of a tall building, ready to jump. People on the streets below were trying to stop me, but I jumped anyway.