Sex With My Co-Author 😳

Date: 7/30/2017

By amandalyle

I was at a social gathering with a group of friends. We were all sat around a firepit, drinking beer. The next thing I knew, I was in bed with my co-author (Nick) and we were... having passionate sex. He had a small penis (not quite a micro!) but I didn't seem bothered by this. I then fell asleep in his arms 😳 (Not weird. Not weird at all!) The next day he took me to his mother's house in the countryside - it was a mansion and I kept making jokes about how large it was and how tired I was just walking up the steps to the house. We then went to the local school to pick my kids up, along with his mum, and he reached for my hand and held it. We were very much floating in 'honeymoon' period, or so it felt like. When we got to the school, there were tiny kids pretending to be cats on the floor. They looked adorable, but they were also getting in way of everyone. Some of the parents were getting really pissed off. When I picked up my son, Alex, from his classroom, he was bursting for the toilet. I took him to the ladies, but he pointblank refused to go. He then ran off to the boys toilets. My son, Maxi, then came out of his classroom, wearing an oversized wig with pigtails. I didn't even question why he had it on; it was as though this was completely normal. I then realised his shoes weren't on properly and told him to do them up...but he was struggling; the laces were in a big knot and I spent 5 minutes or so trying to sort them out. Alex then made a reappearance and I said, "Let's go home boys!" as I slipped into maxi's tiny duffle coat.