Rubber Ducks and Being Urinated On

Date: 1/19/2017

By TonyDreamer

I am sat in a building. Through the window I see a very large rubber duck materialise. It is big enough to push over a car. A few moments pass and a second, larger duck appears. This one pushes over a giant tank. A third duck appears and demolishes a building over the road. Finally a fourth, gargantuan rubber duck appears and gazes through the window at me with lifeless eyes. It is beyond menacing, filling me with dread. I turn up at a venue to play a gig and bump into my brother. He is playing his first ever gig at the same place. He is on stage as part of a 5 piece band. The venue is run by my friend Griff. The beer he pours me tastes horrible. He agrees. I step through the door to the toilet but find myself outside in a giant outdoor park full of people sitting in the sun, having picnics etc. The floor is a giant concrete urinal. It's the strangest pub toilet I've ever been in. Old school mate Kevin A is there beside me as we both urinate. He purposefully waggles his todger in my direction, dousing me in his warm yellow spray. I immediately punch him.