Finally another lucid dream

Date: 8/10/2017

By thehumblegoddess

Dreamed I was laying down in bed with my bf just like I was in real life. I started watching an episode of Martin and I didn't recognize it. My dream brain immediately tried to rationalize it but I wondered if maybe I could be dreaming. I counted my fingers and counted 6 I didn't believe it. I counted them again and had six and 3 of my fingers were really short. I then tried to read the description of the Martin I was watching so I could write it down when I woke up but I forgot. I decided to try to fly and was going to jump off the bed but smack was on the floor and I didn't want to land on him. So I decided I would go explore my dream neighborhood. I went downstairs and noticed my door was different and nicer. Then I woke up.