The One With the Swimming Zebra

Date: 8/22/2019

By nicolezdzieba

I’m with Rose and Milton in some kind of little shop. I’m helping to get them ready for a photo shoot they’re apparently doing in honor of Saih. They’re both in ratty pajamas, and I vaguely wonder if they’re going to do a nude shoot. Rose shows me a sample picture from her photographer and we laugh at how bad it is. I think about how the picture of a beach would be good if it were just cropped differently ... I’m transported into the beach from the photo. I look around and realize that I’m here with Autumn. We’re standing in the middle of shallow, green water near the shoreline. Someone hands me a camera and tells me to start taking pictures. I go under the water and start taking pictures, only to notice a zebra swimming by. I start snapping madly. When I come up, I realize that I’m in Africa, surrounded by African wildlife. I’m super jealous that Autumn is in Africa, but then I remember that I’m also there. I also notice that I’m in the middle of a circle of native people (who are definitely not African-looking, but possibly Hispanic) who are called “the monkey people.” I remember that they’re some kind of crazy tribe, so I go under the water and swim away from them. I end up looking through the pictures I took and thinking about how I need them for my Instagram ... Brody and I are on our “honeymoon,” but we’re in the same house as all our friends and family. We’re in a candle-lit living room with a weird, boat-like structure in the middle of it. Brody turns on a movie (starring himself) about three guys on a boat. I start to get confused as to whether the things I’m seeing are really there, or in Brody’s movie (such as the blonde girl playing piano on the deck) ... I’m with Jack Skellington and Dr. Finklestein in some kind of grassy area near the road. I’m apparently romantically involved with Jack (he’s really a guy in a costume). I get nervous because I know that he’s going to want to make out with me, but his hands are made of bone (evidently, last time we made out they were just normal hands) and I’m afraid he might hurt me with them. I hug Jack, but when I pull away from him, he’s Andre the Giant. Suddenly, I’m alone, looking at Andre the Giant’s Amazon registry (for what, I have absolutely no idea). I realize that Manny Roopnarine and I both bought him a tent case ... I’m in a puppy store with Matt. There’s a dachshund puppy, and I think of how jealous Renee will be that I saw it. I keep talking to all the puppies. I pick one up and start talking to it, but suddenly realize it’s a stuffed animal. I’m super embarrassed, so to save face in front of Matt, I pretend that I was all excited because it has the same pattern on its belly that one of the real puppies does (leopard print) ... Brody and I are in the car, driving behind Matt and Jonathan. For some reason, we see Jonathan stop in the middle of an intersection and leave his car behind. Brody decides to move it ... We end up in a huge Airbnb (which is either like Justine Roig’s house or the Rasku’s first house in Winston Trails) that we’re apparently renting. There’s a rule that nothing can be out of place when the owners get back, and I get really paranoid that I’ll leave the red pens in the wrong place. I realize that we’re setting up for my second shower (even though nothing is decorated) when Alex and Elizabeth Belfiore (who is completely not Elizabeth) walk in. I go over and hug them. Elizabeth notices that Brody is sneezing, and she asks if he has allergies. I tell her that he does (which he actually doesn’t), and she seems super worried and asks if he has an inhaler. I realize that she’s just worried because Brianna’s allergies are really bad.