A Gory News Story and a Drunk Mother-in-law

Date: 6/12/2017

By amandalyle

I had invited my friends over. We were watching tv and the programme we were watching suddenly cut out to this news story. There had been a bombing in London. A group of charity workers (raising money for refugees) had been blown to smithereens. The footage was more graphic than usual. People were running around screaming, without a face. There was this one girl who was trying to talk to the news crew, but the top half of her mouth had been blown off. It was an image that played in my mind after the news clip had ended and we all agreed how haunting it was. "If that had happened to me, I would..." I held a pretend gun to my head. "Me too!" My friends agreed, as I saw them out of the door. It was getting late - 10 pm. I hugged them both in my arms a little tighter. As I turned back to walk into the house, I saw my daughter Phoebe walking around. "You should be in bed!" I snapped. "I'm just getting a drink!" She replied. When I walked back into the living room, there was a smartly-dressed estate agent. She was older in age and had a real professionalism about her. She was determined to sell this house - MY HOUSE. But I hadn't realised that it had been put up for sell. As paced the room in a panic, she showed various groups of people around. One of these groups, were a family from Liverpool - a little bit chavvy , but pleasant enough. They spoke about my house as if they had lived here previously. "Have you lived here before?" I asked, but soon regretted it, as they rambled on about their life story in that deep-voiced Liverpudlian drone. I wish I never asked. I just wanted everyone to leave so I could smoke a cigarette and calm the heck down. No such luck. Another family walked in. "Is this the last viewing?" I asked the estate agent, an annoyance growing in my voice. "Yes! This will be the last one!" She replied. This family were worse than the previous one - snobs. The house looked pristine and yet I could them muttering "look how filthy the walls are!" under their breath. "Bitches!" I thought. Next scene; It was Parents evening. I wanted to focus mainly on my son Maxi - he's the one who finds things hard. Desperate to talk to his teacher, I sat patiently and waited to be called. My mother-in-law had come in support but, to be honest, she was more of a hinderance. She kept tripping over and slurring her words - was she drunk? And, as soon as the one-to-one had started, my time was apparently up. I felt so frustrated, I rejoined the queue. "I will get to the bottom of this!" I determinedly grumbled.