bits and pieces

Date: 2/11/2017

By lovettagain88

its titled bits and pieces cause i can only remember parts of this dream... there is a large theater and people are in the seats. in the front, between the seats and the screen, there is an area with sand that some people are relaxing, talking and playing there. im sitting with my back to the screen and this guy, hardly more than a boy comes up and wants to touch me. im not interested, he is too young so i move away from him. i realize there is something sticking up out of the compacted sand. its an ear. i realize someone is buried there. i have nothing to dig him out with except a credit card?. i start scraping sand away from his dream changes and now im sitting in a small living room and people are all around, some people are laying against eachother like couples do, others are facing eachother and talking. someone, a female, challenges me. im not sure what she says, but i agree and we both stand. we go to a side door and someone at least 30-40years older opens the door for us. me and my challenger brace ourselves to begin. below us is a steep stairwell that changes direction after about 12 steps. and after a few levels it leads to a door. some how we get a signal and we take off. she does down each set of stairs, i leap over the railing and land on the set below. eventually i get to the door first and pry it open..... (next scene) now im sitting in someone else chair. not sure how i know that, i just feel it, same as i feel i soul connection to the cat on my lap. as if its my spirit animal.... there was a little bit more in my dream i dont understand, like running around the outside of a liquer store, and a bathtub at some point.