My daughter dating Justin Bieber 😳

Date: 1/21/2017

By amandalyle

I was at a music festival with my friends kylie, Alex and Robee and her little girl, Jada. But Robee wasn't joining in with us at all and, instead, sat 10 feet away from us, completely disengaged. "Why did we even invite her?" I grumbled. We were all having fun, drinking coke and eating sandwiches until her daughter kept screaming and having tantrums but, again, she just sat there and watched us comfort her daughter with zero gratitude. After Jada was settled, Alex got up onto his feet and started grooving to the music. He was doing some sort of hippy dance - waving his arms with his eyes closed shut. Next scene; I kept receiving texts from my mum telling me about her horrible dreams - only, when I read over them, there was nothing really that horrible about them - just your average dream. Next scene; my daughter Phoebe wanted a boy over to stay for the night and said all the other parents let boys over. My stomach was in knots at the mere thought, but I told her she could - just for one night (baring in my mind she's only 12 YEARS OLD! - bloody 'other people's' parents!!!) As night fell, I was beginning to have some regrets - her boyfriend, after all, was Justin Beiber himself (yes! The real life one!) The next morning, Justin had turned into one of her girl friends, Megan. I was desperate to get rid of her (pesky child!) so I suggested I should take her home...but I kept taking the wrong roads and getting lost. "It doesn't matter!" Megan said. "I've got all day!" Next scene; I was talking to Kylie , who was sat on the sofa, but as I looked closely at her eyes, I could see that they had changed into YELLOW cats eyes. I tried not to appear shocked, and continued to ramble on. Next scene; Phoebe kept jumping on my back like a koala and not letting go. I had to keep peeling her limbs off me and tell her to stop doing it. She was too heavy to be doing that. I then found her crying on the landing. Meanwhile, Mat was sorting out the radiator that had now grown 3 times in size whilst Alex submerged himself in the bathtub. After awhile I began to panic! "Oh shit! His eyes aren't blinking!" I screamed and yanked him back out of the water, but he just smiled and went back under again. Next scene; we were at some sort of gamers convention. There was a geeky man in an emoji tshirt who said that if I find the Santa emoji (on his tshirt) I could win a surprise. But it was a trick - a scam - Santa had been blown to smithereens and was in pieces all over his shirt. "Hmmm, this doesn't seem fair!" I grumbled. We then watched the geeky man play this Minecraft in 4d mode. It was amazing - so much detail... but kinda creepy too. There were ghosts and witches, and eerie music.