Trying to Solve a Mystery

Date: 5/15/2017

By Palomino

James and Barbara's grandmother had died and left them a lot of money, but no one could find them. Paula was supposed to look for them but she had just broken up with her boyfriend and was acting kind of crazy so Helen and I went instead. We took Kisha with us to help. We looked for clues around where James and Barbara used to live. we started to suspect that their father had murdered the old lady for her money and then had either killed James and Barbara or else tricked them out of their inheritance. Helen went to the grandmother's nursing home to question people. Kisha and I were sorting through a huge pile of old clothes because I thought there might be a clue there. A man showed up claiming to know where James and Barbara's father was. I thought he WAS their father and was trying to trick us. He said he would show us something important but we had to take him there in our car. I was carrying a gun so we decided Kisha would drive and I would ride in the back with the guy and watch him.