"You still can't beat your homosexuals!"

Date: 4/27/2017

By thehumblegoddess

Was In some sort of class. I guess it was like a college bc it also had rooms. I was visiting with some guy who was supposed to be my bf but it was a random guy. As I walked the teacher was saying how people think domestic violence is okay in gay relationships. He says something about "beating your homosexuals" and Sheila says "you still can't beat your homosexuals!" I'm looking through my stuff and realize I left my charger in my fake bfs room. I go and get it and I'm climbing all over his bed with my shoes telling him I knew I'd forget it. (In real life I'm on vacation and fearing I'll forget my headphones in my dream the two were interchangeable) I came out and start to walk to my seat and someone stops me it's ericka. I kinda wave and we start talking. She tells me something standoffish and I told her "you can't just talk to me like I'm just one of these niggaz! You're talking to me as if I don't know u as if I don't already know how U feel." She then says "well I feel you've really fucked me over multiple times so..." I felt different at that moment. I was happy she was expressing her anger instead of that passive-aggressive bullshit...happy I got to remember a dream this vivid and long.