Cults in camp

Date: 6/10/2019

By lucysdreams

I dreamt that I was on a school camp. In the camp, there were 3 different cults. I knew I had to join one because they all had resources we needed; bathroom, medicine, water ect. I quickly realised all 3 cults were bad. Weighing my options, I joined a religious cult that had a bathroom, a lot of medicine but restricted water. As soon as we joined we got offers from all over Europe to work with anaesthesiologists in hospitals. Then, we went down to complete our first activity. It was a bushwalk and we hiked. Abbie’s mum texted me asking if Abbie and Jess were okay, I said yes. Joanna also texted me asking if Emily was okay, I said yes. On the way back to camp, some people came up to me. They asked me to join the ice cult. I asked what the cost was (because their facilities are very sought after) and they told me it was free, never expired. All you had to do was be selected after performing a monologue. I shrugged and put my name down, I had nothing to lose and I’m pretty good with monologues. Then I woke up.