Futuristic dystopian stuff

Date: 8/10/2019

By DevaJu5395

I was riding with Chrissie to my place, which was like a shared housing facility. I was pointing out her new haircut and she was talking about how her government job must have changed or been altered because a bicycle symbol had shown up on her license. We get to my housing and have to part ways while she's examined before coming into the building. I'm placed in a waiting room with a couple and an old woman. It's a small square room with seating all around, and behind the seats are old cabinets with trinkets and stuff. It looks like the waiting room was thrown together in an old flea market. The couple are a guy and girl, and they're playing waiting games. You can tell they're scared but trying to be cheerful- the guy suggests counting down from one hundred and as soon as they start counting he feigns the hiccups to make her laugh. The old woman reaches across me to fiddle with a cylindrical glass music box trimmed in gold with unrecognizable characters inside because it's so worn down. The music begins and makes the couple quiet down and I begin to cry in a nostalgic way. I pick it up to read the label on the bottom of it and it says Gaither and I laugh at myself for crying at a gospel song.