On a boat house

Date: 7/2/2019

By KayDeeKay

Kind of a random dream that I don't remember much of. But I'm out around this lake that connects to an ocean. I'm on a boat house with my family, we had just moved there. I also had my cats with me. We went around exploring the new home and I took my cats with me as we went around town . We stopped at an amusement park and I took my cats on the roller coaster. Afterwards, I drop them off at the boat house and my cats decide to swim around in the water. Scene changes to where I'm walking in the woods and I'm suddenly a kid again. I am going to a new school, and on the first day I get bullied by the kids and teacher. The teacher has me dress up in weird clothes and she hits me with objects throughout the room while the class laughs. I have a brother in this dream and I tell him what happened. We gather up the family and come up with some plot to get back at the group. The rest of the dream is kind of pranking my class and teacher in the woods as we all play frisbee golf. the dream ends with my teacher all of a sudden becoming my aunt in real life and apologizing to me for being a mean person. Dream fades back to where I'm at the boat house and I'm rescuing my cats from the water since they were swimming earlier.