Date: 5/25/2017

By KayDeeKay

Another dream about Axl. It starts off okay, we are walking around and amusement park and he is there with us (in real life before breaking up, he was supposed to come with me and my family to Orlando , we paid for him to go etc...) anyway, we are walking around for a while and he is on his phone often is this crappy track phone for some reason. My dad comments on it a lot in the dream trying to figure out why he has such a cheap phone. In this dream Axl was there for the trip, but still my ex. We have fun at first and get lots of pics from the rides. We get ready to leave and it is super dark out. I have to pee so I go to the bathroom and meet back up with my parents. Axl has disappeared and we think we just accidentally walked past him, we walk through part of the exit and onto this dark road where we stop at this intersection. We are all calling for him but we can't see him. I see this strange hooded figure/man walking towards us and I point it out to my dad. I know this person is trouble and my dad says "we aren't looking for trouble son, can you please leave us be?" I start to freak as the guy comes up to me and I start crying, the guy yells at my dad to leave him alone and he pulls out a gun and shoots me in the chest, then arm, then side andI collapse to the ground. My family screams and I think my dad gets shot. Someone is holding me as I begin to bleed out , I think it is my mom. I cry and I wonder if dad is okay and I wanted Axl to be there but he was missing . My sister started off in my dream but faded out for some reason and I can't remember when, but I know she was still there (just a forgotten character in this dream). I wake up, heart pounding and hurting. I hate feeling like I was dying and my life leaving me and wondering about my dad and calling out to Axl...almost wishing he was there to see my death and wanting to see him look sad. I guess my brain was trying to get him to feel pain...thanks brain, that backfired because I'm the one hurting.