One Pissed Off Mother! 😤

Date: 7/31/2017

By amandalyle

I told my daughter to put some washing on. She shrugged and went off into the other room. A few hours later she came downstairs with a basket of clothes to be put into the dryer. I bent down and sniffed them. "These clothes are still dirty! You haven't washed them!" I scolded. She just rolled her eyes at me and grumbled "finneeeeee!" My uncle (who appeared out of nowhere) told me she needs more responsibility around the house and I told him that I've tried but it's hard when I'm on my own. (I find her horrible at times. She's very almost a teenager. Yuck!) The scene then changes and we are in school. Phoebe runs off and I run after her yelling 'Phoebe, wait for me!" ...but, as usual, she doesn't listen. She doesn't want to listen! Exasperated, I just leave her to it. Her trampolining teacher then approaches her and she is sweet as pie. I grit my teeth. As I reach the playground, I spot her being mean to some younger kids. My anger is too much contain this time, and I storm over to her and start yelling at her, in front of a playground full of people. At this point, I don't care who sees. Whatever I'm saying, It all falls upon deaf ears and I end up getting right up in her face and screaming "I hate you. I fucking hate you!" Over and over. I then stand back and start laughing hysterically. "I feel so much better now!" I say. End note; I don't really hate my daughter ... she just gets on my last nerve at times! 🙄