I know it looks bad, but I'm innocent, okay?!

Date: 4/1/2017

By amandalyle

I was walking along on my own when this very handsome black guy started talking to me as though he knew me (I had no clue who he was!) he was really friendly until his friend came along and then it seemed like he is wanted to get away from me. He walked across the road and goes to say goodbye, but I follow him over the crossing. I am now pushing a toddler in a pushchair. I lost the black guy but came across this house. I was looking for a place to rent. It was a new build (I hate new builds!) and it had lovely flower boxes in every window. I was desperate to look inside but the estate agent was late. I waited and waited but then decided to just look inside anyway. What's the harm? I didn't get very far before seeing a woman (the psycho from the 3-part-drama 'The Replacement!') strapped in a wheelchair being drugged. The sedatives were put into her ears, rather than her mouth, but I didn't seem to think this was strange. I then tried to walk out, but some people came in and wondered why I was roaming around... "Are you drugging this woman?" They ask. "Umm, no... I just wanted to have a nose around!" I replied, and darted for the door.