A Crappy BBQ 🌭

Date: 7/3/2017

By amandalyle

I was hosting a BBQ and it was all going tits up. The atmosphere was so frosty I was close to freezing over. Firstly, it started pouring it down. Then, I gave my vegan friend meat (and she spat it out in disgust!) I then ended up burning all the food, until it resembled soot. Furthermore, some more guests turned up (uninvited) with their babies in tow and I didn't have enough food to go around. Overall, it was a complete and utter shambles. Next scene; I was at my friend's house party. It was all getting out of hand and random people kept showing up. She was getting pretty flustered by it all and was trying to organised all these bodies around her. A group of young lads barged in and one gave me a cheeky wink. I soon realised it was Tom from Hollyoaks. I shuddered. For some reason, I had to go somewhere in my father-in-laws car. It was quite an expensive car, so I was being extra cautious. Unfortunately, it just stopped in the middle of the road and wouldn't start again. There was a big queue of traffic starting to form in front and behind me. In order to move forwards, I needed my purse. But I realised this homeless person had taken it and I had to get it back from her. I quickly jumped out of the car and collected my purse from the lady sleeping rough across the road... and for some, forsaken, reason I apologised to her for the inconvenience; like it was totally acceptable for her to take my purse in the first place. I jumped back in the car and it started up. I sighed in relief and drove on. Next scene; I was painting these pots that were hanging from the ceiling. It was hard work and I was getting a right arm ache.