Dimensional distortion bomb

Date: 5/21/2017

By Kehre

The dream is a bit fuzzy and difficult to remember but there was a bomb created that once it goes off it releases a great surge of energy and temporarily distorts time and space around it thus causing very unusual and impossible events to occur, the bomb it's self does not destroy physical matter but does distort it or change it, some people are not effected but other are such as being vaporized or turned into different into a humanoid entity. The dream goes that the military is trying to disarm the bomb on a city before it goes off, the city and vehicles were very futuristic so the plot is farther into the future. The bomb was disarmed twice as events repeated them selves in different places, they managed to set off other bombs but when the bomb is set of it triggers a massive EMP knocking all technology out and leaving a dark black cloudy haze like it was the middle of the night over a 100mile radius as matter from other dimensions react with the atmosphere creating a pitch black darkness. But when the bomb goes of it transports and reassembles its self somewhere in the galaxy and giving off a large energy signature making it valuable to someone to steal and sell or use it them selves, we went to retrieve it as the bomb transported into a asteroid, we then retrieved the bomb and returned to dismantle it, we take it to some alien ruin where an ancient machine takes it and neutralizes the energy within it making the bomb useless. The people responsible for using the bombs were then hunted down and their armies destroyed.