Another Amazing Lucid Dream ✨ 🌙

Date: 7/24/2017

By amandalyle

My friend, kylie, had invited me out with her. I was really looking forward to it, as it had been ages since we went out together. "Out Out" as we'd call it. She had invited her boyfriend, Alex, too, but then she told me that she wasn't going to drink very much because they had to be up early the next day as they were doing a car boot sale. I told them that was fine because I had to be up early to do my placement. When we were out in town, I felt the atmosphere was slightly icy. I had barely had anything to drink but felt ridiculously drunk and soon I couldn't remember a damn thing; only broken memories of dancing at a bar with some of her other friends and then suddenly being back at her home. When I was back at her house, it was clear that she was pissed off with me, but I had no idea why. What had happened? What did I say? I dwelled over these things in mind as laid next to her in bed, and then I felt so sick, I got up, made a quick dash to the bathroom and threw up in the sink ...multiply times! Luckily, it was just coming out as water. I swished the inside of the bowl around, regardless. I didn't want her being even more pissed off with me. I then decided that I needed to get back home. I had to be up early, and I was aware that my kids were sleeping in the other rooms. "Should I wake them up and get a taxi home? Or should I just get a taxi home in the morning?" I decided the latter was a more sensible idea, and that's when I felt something in my mouth. Thick in texture, I spat it out into the nearest bin I could find and that's when I realised I was on the brink of lucidity and I climbed back into bed with my friend. In this lucid dream (within a dream) I got out of bed (even though I was still sleeping in my bed - next to my friend) and went to the bathroom (which was now a kitchen) I knew that my dad was going to be there, because I wanted him to be (he passed away 7 years ago and I've always wanted to get back in contact with him) He was standing at the kitchen counter with his back to me and I started asking him questions which he would then answer. I then asked him the meaning of life (I have been feeling increasingly lost lately!) and that's when the walls began to disappear and we were suddenly flying through what looked like a futurist alternative world. He was flying in front of me and I'd follow behind him, just floating along in the air. We stopped in what looked like a clouded shopping mall with multiple escalators, going up and down levels. I chose to take the elevator down, because I was getting vertigo. I then lost my dad, but I could hear a voice in the clouds above. I recognised this voice almost instantly. It was one of my best friends, Tony. "I miss you!" I shouted up to him (And I could hear myself saying the words as I slept next to my friend in bed. 'I hope I don't wake her', I remember thinking) I could hear Tony's voice saying "I miss you too. "I don't ever want you to leave me!" I shouted up to the clouds and , again, I heard my voice speak out loud in my sleep. "I don't want you to leave me too!" He replied. "I'm coming up to get you!" I said, and flew up to the clouds... but then I found myself trapped between lucidity and wakefulness and I was completely blind. I couldn't see anything and I was so scared, but my father reassured me that I would see again and not to panic. Sure enough, he was right and I woke up next to my friend in bed. I then got up in this dream, and stumbled into the kitchen again, where I felt a pair of warm arms wrap themselves around me and instantly felt enlightened with light and immense love: I knew these arms belonged to my father, even though they were invisible to see. A few seconds later, I woke up for real. End Note: Since I have been taking Vitamin C before bed, my dreams have become much more vivid and rememberable.