tyler joseph knows that there’s broccoli in the makeup bag under the couch

Date: 4/1/2019

By squidward

twenty one pilots was having a concert in my old living room. tyler was doing his thing during car radio on the platform. there was a kid on the platform with him watching to make sure tyler wouldn’t fall. tyler tripped when he got off the platform and landed on josh on my couch. the boy reached out at the end. that video ended up going viral and it took me so many rewatches to see the kid. tyler got off josh and looked at me and asked me how the show was. i told him it was great and then i heard my mom come home. i rolled over and covered my boobs bc i realized how see through my shirt was (it was the same shirt i wore to bed, a white tank top) my mom came over and asked me if i wanted an apple. i said yes and she went in the kitchen to go get it. i went on the floor and looked under the couch. there were three makeup bags. there were two duplicates and one of the silver ones i have. my mom helped me pull them out once she came back and tyler said there’s broccoli in the bag. my mom went in the kitchen to get me peanut butter. i reached my hand out to grab it from her and then my alarm went off and i woke up in that position