2am thoughts

Date: 4/11/2019

By deepa

so theres smth like a crash course going on by someone like steve erwin and one of it is being on a hemisphere that resembles a "korean winter" and to get out is to just take a plunge into the cloudy forest at the edge of the winterland and to striggle thru some branches and u will eventually get to a tree and the art here is to land on ur feet right and he demonstrates it fine. theres also a gang of for of us with one guy being the oldest and we r instructed by this guy to go off somewhere so we all get on our bikes and im the last to scoot off but we r barely at the entrance and the old dudes bike goes off so we stop and hand him the tools. at this point someone like buvana make a comment about how she used to escape late night parties by saying shes tired and some other excuse. last part had klaudia using her ig story and being in a big carpark/unloading bay filming unsuspecting people walking in and out and rotating her phone to be that like a cctv. and the last part has faces like jaf des amel klaud jo and someone having face makeup like the woman in the radiator with all those cheeks and theyre all gathered in a huge place for the new years countdown. i get a sense of being left out but as soon as i see the crowd and realise theres no guys or a party im glad i wasnt there. and i wake up. at 2am.