The One With Two Jacobs

Date: 7/25/2019

By nicolezdzieba

I’m at what looks like Benny’s on the Beach with Mrs. Jacque, Ryder and someone else with an infant. Ryder takes a hanger and accidentally smacks the baby in the face with it a bunch of times. We feel terrible, but we all start laughing ... Brody and I go to what’s supposed to be The Melting Pot for dinner. Brody sits at a two-person table, and I sit at a long table next to it. It’s not weird until two other guys sit down across from me. I look over at Brody and grab all my stuff. I look in my glass and notice that there’s a huge chunk of ice in it that’s shaped like a rose. When I look back up, I realize that Brody and I are in a computer testing lab. Spatially, everything is the same, but the guys who were sitting across from me are now sitting with their backs turned to us. One of them is Austin from Austin and Aly. A few seats down, another guy is watching a movie on his computer and I try to figure out what it is. The only person I recognize in it is Adam Driver ... I’m now in a kitchen (kind of the layout of Chris and Maite’s, just much more outdated) and my mom is having me make peanut butter sandwiches. We’re talking about how Katrina Del Rosario is supposed to be coming soon, and I think about how it might be awkward because her brother (Martin) hates my mom. I say, “I haven’t seen Katrina in a hundred billion years.” As I try to spread the peanut butter on the bread, I notice that it’s insanely thick and remember that my mom has mixed bread into it to thicken it up. I realize that I don’t even like peanut butter sandwiches ... I’m on the couch in my living room with Jacob Stefanescu. He’s asking me to settle some dumb debate between him and one of his brothers. I look up to realize that the brother is also Jacob, but he’s sort of dressed like a woman.