the fuck

Date: 2/20/2017

By thedude

I was at the mall with catie and someone had blocked in the farm truck so when I tried to pull out I accident ran over their cars. I was like fuck this and got out of there. On the way home we had stopped and were going through some stores this one had a single dressing room and she went in so I followed her, well some dude was actually already in there so the store worker kicked me out and the other dude pulled his pants down and she started sucking his dick which was really small. I was like fuck this and left and went looking for where i parked the truck I was going to leave her there. So I walk up and down the road and can't find the truck she shows up again and complains he didn't even fuck her he came so fast, I told her she was stupid and that I would have fucked her for at least an hour and I have a big dick. She started saying something and grabbing at my dick and then I woke up