Amazing lucid dream ❤

Date: 1/24/2017

By amandalyle

I was in the local swimming pool with Mat. A Chinese lady kept splashing me in the face as she swam, while Mat kept pulling a balaclava over my face. I felt claustrophobic and tried to tug it off my head. In the end, the Chinese lady went over to the other side of the pool and I was able to swim without being splashed in the face... minus the balaclava. Next scene; I was at a leisure park with some friends. There was a big water slide calling my name. I went on it, but kept bumping into this group of lads as I hurdled around the corners. I tried to keep my distance because they were being rowdy, but the water kept pushing me towards them and amongst their group. Then I ended up on a tall ride with a guy who looked a bit like Tom Daley. We were scared shitless, but kept talking each other though each scary step up. When we were released from the top, we were expecting it to come crashing down at a speedy record pace, but instead, it went tortoise slow, and then the whole ride collapsed when we got to the bottom! "Damn! That was close!" I sighed in relief. Next scene; I was at a house party with some friends but didn't feel like I was welcome. They were all sat around the table drinking - having fun - but then I told there was a chair in the kitchen for me, along with some older people I had never met in my life. "Oh great!" I thought. Next scene; I was at a house I didn't recognise, but it must have been my own. We were in the front garden. The Chinese lady from my first dream text me to ask me what time the open evening at school was and replied. "You won't have time to go, will you?" I asked Mat. "Yeah! I'll have time." He replied. "I don't think your parents are coming because they are on Cornwall with your sister!" I said. But then they appeared from the front door. "Oh, maybe they are then!" I said, pointing over to them. My son Alex then fell onto a small spike in the garden and it went straight through his hand. He was very upset and Granny went over to comfort him, while I plucked out random sharp pencils which had been put into the ground (I assumed that granny must have put them there!) Becoming lucid.... As I walked back into the house, I felt my teeth loosen, and was shocked to find they came out as a removable denture. "Oh my god!" I thought. "I better go upstairs and glue this back in!" Upstairs, the whole house had changed and, suddenly, I felt like this was granny's house - not mine. There was a lovely ensuite room with a free standing cast iron bath - Divine! With much force and many failed attempts, I manage to stick the big, over-sized denture back in my mouth but then I had a thought.... "I don't even wear dentures! I'm 30 years old and have all my natural teeth!" "I am dreaming!" I said, as I looked into the mirror and wished for my teeth to be the whitest of white ... and, lo and behold, when I opened my mouth they gleaned at me, with a hint of sparkly. I ran through the house and out of the door and wished to see my father (who had died 7 years ago) and there he was, at the bottom of the garden digging up weeds. The garden had now become a garden from my old house in Whitmore Road. "Don't wake up, don't wake up" I repeated calmly. "Don't get too excited!" When I got close enough, he turned around, smiled a huge smile and we hugged each other. He told me that he was proud of me and he doesn't Judge me for what's happened. He also said that If I'm happy, he's happy! Then, he turned into the cutest micro pig and I gave him cuddles and kisses. He wasn't the most tactile person, so it was easier this way. *End note* I always wanted to meet my father again and was so happy to finally have a lucid dream about him 😊 ... even though he turned into a pig!