Fucking Anthony Kiedis in a Steamy Shower 🚿

Date: 5/10/2017

By amandalyle

I was in the communal showers at night. The place was closed and I didn't think anyone else was there. I started to strip out of my swimsuit when I caught sight of someone I recognised out of the corner of my eye. It was Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chilli Pepper's. He was taking his clothes off and getting ready to shower and I felt strangely turned on. I started to shower seductively and felt him looking over at me. Before long, I felt him behind me and I welcomed him into the shower. We started to kiss and ...other stuff. Before I knew it, we were in bed (Naughty Amanda!) After we fucked for a second time, we cuddled for a bit. It was just nice to feel a body next to mine. How desperate I had become. I remember thinking how young he looked, as if he had leapt back in time. "I better get into my own bed!" I said, hoping he'd tell me to stay. He didn't. So I gathered my things. I saw that he had a pair of my knickers by the side of his pillow and I put them into my bag. The next thing I knew, they were by his pillow again. "I bet he's going to sniff these when I'm gone." I thought and shoved them back into my bag. I didn't want him to that and the thought of sleeping with this guy was now beginning to repulse me a little. He was also a little bit strange. He had to fall asleep to a loud radio. I turned it on for him and walked out of the room, thinking "what the fuck have I done?" In the morning, I confessed all to my friend but she didn't seem interested at all. Instead, she seemed angry at me because I hadn't helped her to move the week before. "But the kids were off, I couldn't get over here!" I exclaimed. She rolled her eyes. "So tell me all the detes..." she said, and I did using our own little language (we used to use when we were kids) which basically consists of putting 'sch' in front of every word. "Schi schucked schim schin sche schower!" We did this, because her ex husband was hanging around and he was trying the eavesdrop on our conversation. He always did that.