halloween talent show

Date: 5/15/2017

By lovettagain88

Im with my friend at her apartment and shes getting ready to leave. we are not dressed up at all, im just wearing a white tee shirt and jeans, and i dont even know where we are going. instead of taking the car we walk through a neighborhood to a church that normally is used as a foodbank. there are a few tents set up passing out dry goods or pastries or canned food. i lose track of my friend when i get drawn to a huge canopy tent with people standing in a line. they seem to be excitedly waiting to go up a set of fun house stairs that are covered in gold foil and silver streamers. someone bumps into me a puts my arm around them. initially i think they are a girl because i think they have breasts. i find out its a guy when he looks at me and has a beard. we are finally allowed to go in, its very dark with little to no lighting. i am shoved into a sweater, and someone is messing with my hair. at this point im clueless as to what this is, i keep being shoved different directions, until five of us get shoved onto a stage. there's probably 500 people with silver painted faces cheering up on. the other four people are dancing or doing weird poses. i just stand there. there must be a mistake. i didnt sign up for this. we are then taken off stage and someone is announced the winner. he is given a large pumpkin and a handful of $100's. i excuse myself to use the bathroom, and i see myself finally. they gave my a goofy yet dark sweater and a neon blue wig. i get it now. it all makes sense. i go back outside, stand in line again, and this time when i get on stage i rock out pretending to play an air guitar, slide on my knees and even flash the crowd, though i only pulled up my sweater revealing the white tee underneath. i won that round, and it was amazing.