nicki minaj is pressed that mariah carey can walk down stairs in my basement

Date: 5/21/2019

By squidward

i was at my old house in the basement. it was raining, i could hear it. there was a grand staircase (the type that has two staircases side by side). it was blue and lit up. mariah carey started walking down the stairs in her black dress that lights up (from the caution tour). i heard nicki behind me going off saying “how is she walking down the stairs right now. is she serious? how is she gonna steal the show from me like that”. i looked at her and said “nicki. you are in my basement. there is no show. mariah’s being glamorous.” mariah overheard by mistake and she looked at me and winked and then looked at nicki and gave her a smile and waved and kept walking down the stairs