The One Where Steven Comes Out

Date: 9/4/2019

By nicolezdzieba

I’m looking at a picture of a restaurant where everyone sits on the floor. It’s dark and hard to see, but suddenly I’m transported into it. I think, at first, that this is a lesbian restaurant (like a gay bar), but then realize that I’m actually at a Young Adults event. I look around and find that they serve Carvel (it’s actually Dairy Queen) and açaí. I tell the lady behind the açaí counter (I think she’s one of the dental hygienists from Dr. Petrover’s office — the blonde-ish one with the hairy arms) that I’m going to have a bowl later. I sit down at the closest table. It’s super quiet and everyone looks uncomfortable. I make a joke and one of the girls looks relieved that someone has spoken. We go back to being quiet and sit on our phones. I sip on a glass of ice water until we realize that it’s time to leave. Aside from me, everyone quickly clears out and I wonder if Matt and Josh are going to be hurt that no one ever wants to be at the events they put on. I get up to get some ice cream, but the açaí lady asks me if I’m still going to get a bowl and I can’t say no. I start looking at the menu for ideas ... I’m at home and Steven (who is laying on my couch), Aunt Buggy and Rachel (who are standing in the kitchen) are there. My mom tells Steven a story about how he said something that made me question his sexuality. He smiles. I’m confused by her telling him this, but she turns around and says, “By the way, Cole, Steven came out.” I throw my hands in the air and say, “YES!” because I’m so relieved that we don’t have to pretend to not know he’s gay anymore ... I’m with a few people in some kind of airport or mall and I see the DeHoog kids — Jace, Jaxson and Lilly — walk by. They’re huge (they appear to be much older and taller, but their faces still kind of look like babies). This freaks me out a ton. I start thinking about Saih and go into a panic. Someone walks with me to the bathroom because I’m starting to cry and don’t want to make a scene. Peyton (Devan’s girlfriend) sees us and immediately knows what’s going on. She starts a pep talk that’s supposed to make me feel better, but she’s talking to the wrong person because (evidently) whoever I’m with (possibly Mel or Nicole) looks like me enough to get confused ... I’m in a big backyard (possibly Scott’s) for some kind of party. There’s an ugly little dog that everyone wants me to see, and it’s getting aggressive. I go to get some water.