Trip to the beach gone bad

Date: 7/21/2017

By KayDeeKay

Dream started off wonderful. I was back in Florida for training with some of my friends. Somehow, we all got stationed in this sweet condo building right on the beach. On our day off, we decided to go blueberry picking, then brought the berries to the beach for a picnic. We all hung out and swam and ate a bunch of fresh fruit. My friend Cassie and her husband brought their dog molly down and she played in the water with us. We then drove to this beach house to hang out. When we get there , we notice that there is this cool wooded area in the back. The group of us go exploring and it turns out to be this cool wooded area with all these beautiful lights coming out of the ground. Reminded me of some fairy garden. It was peaceful. We go back to the house and I get a call from my mom with her saying she can't find my dad and she thinks he got in a car wreck. He was supposed to leave for a business trip to Japan(not really sure why) but never called to give updates. My mom starts getting scared and is crying. I said I'd try and call and do what I can. She never responded so I set the phone down. With my cell phone I called my dad and this lady answers and says she is an operator from T-Mobile. She says that she was instructed to rely this message to me if I ever called my dad (don't understand why she was involved in this, she goes on to say that she wanted me to know that my dad loved me and that he talks about the day I was born, cutting the unbiblical cord, taking me home, and watching me grown up. I snap at the lady and tell her to spit out the message. She says that my dad is gone and he has been cheating on my mom. He and his coworker were leaving for Japan and waiting for the moment that they both had enough money to run. He said he was sorry...I'm not sure what happened after but I panicked as well and had no idea what to do with mom. I demanded that I talk to my dad and the dream trails off. What started as a wonderful dream took a really horrible turn and now I'm just sad. I went from thinking my dad was dead to thinking he completely abandoned my family (which feels worse in my opinion ).