Cat blogs, a magical land and a getaway from an ex

Date: 2/12/2017

By amandalyle

I was trying to write a blog post but my husband kept distracting me. I wasn't happy with it, but I posted it anyway - but, to my horror, all the images had changed to pictures of stupid cats! Needless to say, it didn't go down to well in the blogging community. Next scene; I was driving along in my car when I passed my friend Robee who was being cradled by tall blonde woman on a bench. "How strange!" I thought, and drove on. Next scene: I was in town doing a spot of shopping when I walked passed my ex Paul. He was with a group of friends and I knew that he had clocked me. I put my head down and walked past as quickly as I could. I could overhear him saying "she usually on a bike!" Next scene; I was in my living room and there was a young couple canoodling on my red arm chair. Mastermind was on the TV, but I kept getting simple questions wrong. The couple then started to mock me and I became upset. Desperate to seek their approval, I crawled over to them and started begging them to be my friend. They hugged me, in the end, and reassured me that I was included in their friendship group. Next scene; I had entered this amazing place with waterfalls, cliffs and green trees. It was a private place - no one was allowed there. I discovered it whilst I was driving through the countryside. But then I saw a guy there and I decided to stalk him from in the bushes 'how dare he trespass on this land!' I thought, feeling a bit pissed off. We made friends in the end, but I was struggling to grasp how he had found this place. It was hidden so well.