Sauna Pub

Date: 1/25/2017

By boogieman85

There was a sauna in Surrey Quays. Not Henry's. It was in an old pub. It looked like a pub - it had a glowing glass sign - it was totally empty. What gave it away was a small pile of towels visible through the window. Also a little steam. I went in to see - it was empty. I could tell the steam rooms were off to the side. I was with a group of lads. Like a stag do. Older guys. We were looking for something to do. The Sauna seemed an obvious choice but we weren't sure. To get in, someone had to walk from Surrey Quays to New Cross. We got a map out - it was quite a walk, down Zampa road. I said I had my trainers and could run it quickly. A guy decided to walk it. I tracked him on Citymapper, watching the blue dot. Turned out the Sauna cost £30 a year for membership.