Moon bounce with Betty

Date: 5/10/2019

By DevaJu5395

Walking down a street at night with Betty, talking shit on lauriann about her music. I say that it sucks how she dropped out of our band, because she probably hasn't sang her songs twice in the last year. We sit down and start going over some songs, and then someone comes out and compliments us and asks us to join them. I think we're in Germany, everyone has a thick accent but speak pretty fluent English. Anyway we end up on this patio in the very wee hours of the morning. Beyond the patio, is a very short stone wall and a corral of what looks like gypsy wagons. As the sun comes up though, and families are getting up and wandering over to the corral, I realize that the supposed gypsy wagons are actually moon bounces and children begin playing in them. I grab Betty and we start playing in them. They are all somehow connected, but each of them are different and have different functions, like one is kind of like a miniature blob, where you jump on one end to make another person bounce real high. Another is set up like a cave and has different paths and exits. Suddenly, either I lose Betty, or she turns into my boyfriend's kid, and I'm running around playing with her. At one point, I'm in the next moon bounce, and she's still in the previous one, and I look over and a little girl that is in the moonbounce with her just casually lifts up her skirt, and she's not wearing any panties, and begins to just pee in the moonbounce. I jump out, and go over to the entrance and quietly tell her what just happened. We go into the cave bounce and almost lose each other. I realize that 1 exit leads to a completely different area of the property, and I see a man standing outside of it. I have the Betty child follow me that direction and when we come out we start following the man to this long building. Suddenly, Betty is no longer a child and she's back to my age. We start wandering into this building that is kind of set up like a long hallway. Kind of reminds me of different rooms in a church, like the office, gift shop, visitor center, family fellowship area, except in one long building and each of the rooms are open and set up alongside the long walkway going down the middle. There are no doors. A man dressed in a strange costume is riding a scooter up and down the walkway and the man we followed asks if it scares us and we shrug. The guy on the scooter just smiles at us. We wander around looking at old photos and the different sections of the place, and end up back together in the kitchen area. The man we followed asks if we're hungry, I say yes and Betty declines. The man pulls out a bowl of some kind of cheesy pasta and I ask for a fork, helping myself to poke around in some drawers. He says I won't find one, only a skewer which looks like one of those things you put in corn cobs. The pasta keeps falling off and I start to use a baby spoon I saw in the drawer but instead begin eating with my hands. The guy on the scooter comes over and sits at the bar with us, offering to play some music. I think he's about to sing and then he pulls out a smart phone and begins playing something that sounds like MIA and I claim to know the song. A man's voice begins singing though, some slow R&B stuff. I say it's more Betty's style and she agrees, and walks over to a daybed off to the side of the kitchen and lays down. She says it's so good that's it's making her cry. And then the thunder woke me up.