Running and hiding

Date: 8/10/2017

By Halee

First I dreamt that I was in this enclosed outdoor space and there were sort of teams of people. One team was chasing me and trying to capture me but I don't remember why. I don't mean like playing tag trying to chase me, it was antagonistic and they wanted to capture me. I was actually scared. They wanted to DO something bad to me but I don't know what. Sometimes people on my own "team" if that even works would turn on me. I don't think I was actually "on a team" or part of a group or whatever I think just one decided to not try to get me and the other did so I was more safe on one side.I got pinned a couple times and either had to fight or talk my way out of it. The teams even had people that I knew, I know I was physically pinned to a wall by Pastor Ben and Adam at different points of the game and I had to convince them to let me go. The scene changed and it was the same thing but we were in a grocery store for awhile before it reverted back. Then I dreamt I was like in a horror game or something. I've dreamt something similar but I can't remember it. There's some teams of two and maybe some solo players since I didn't have a teammate and everyone is trying to get pieces of something and you have to find them or do something to find them. The first thing I remember is watching someone from a third person view have these minions that were a lot like the Rabids from Rahman and they could control them and make them attack people. This dream was similar as for a lot of it, people were chasing me. I guess it was because I had pieces but I don't know if I did or not. Then at one point I tried to hide because I heard people coming while I was searching for a piece but really wasn't anywhere to go so I just crouched behind whatever there was. After a while someone saw me but that group was willing to work together to solve the puzzle in that room.