couple suicide and more

Date: 3/21/2017

By deepa

ok one of the first dreams were about a couple who right before their marriage fell to their deaths i forgot the story behind it there was a reason for them jumping..but later on in some othe rdreams there was an implied thing that the groom was still alive. and they alsp jumped in my house area another important thing to note. and then me and geo are on a rooftop thats sort of attached to my apartment building and we r doing some skype games with ppl idk who..and we r eating or smth and then i go to piss in some other completely way off building which has Rly nasty toilets and i think i might have my period i think i bump into claudia here. and then one bit where im in another chicks house and calling for one chick while her friend whos staying over is just acting weird theres also a vertically propped bed. another big part of the dream was with a afamily i think a dad mom and a son and daughter. they were all tryin to hide from some gang and they had a lot of gold on them i think thats all their belongings were and someone easily caught onto tjat and they go thru a series of like evemts where theyre almost caught and one scene where theyre all in a cube thing with two doors and the enemies are surrounding the two doors and it automatically opens after a certain time so we have to make sure to hold it in place so as soon as it comes off we can close it back..its weird. and then the mom lady does some mouth wire thing to secure the keylock chain or smth..not sure whatbhappens after that i think the small boy escapes with most of the jewellery. oh yea and something like we meet danial and hes in the position of dacia.. idk...and another bit with like smth....Fuck i cant wrap my head around it..