The One With the Foot Hole

Date: 8/15/2019

By nicolezdzieba

There’s going to be an impromptu worship night. Ashlee is trying to organize it. She, Michael, Manny Roopnarine and a few other people are standing in my kitchen and trying to figure it out. At first she says that Michael is doing it and that they need one other person, but none of us volunteer. Michael looks upset. Then Ashlee says something about how she’s doing it instead of him ... I’m in a classroom somewhere. Claudia from work comes over and sits in the desk in front of me. She starts asking me about “Hamilton.” I look over my shoulder and see Professor Boutelle from FAU, remembering that he also loves “Hamilton” (which he did in real life). I tell her that I can rap the whole thing, and start to demonstrate. I mess up the line, but I realize that she’s never listened to it so she probably doesn’t know I messed up ... I’m in a new room (possibly a break room of some sort), sitting on one chair with my feet on another. Tiffany from work comes over and straddles my legs so that she can get to something on the table. I start cracking up and tell her that she could’ve just asked me to move. I look at my bare foot and see a circular cut near my heel. Instinctively, I peel back the flesh to realize that there’s a super, super deep hole in my foot. There are chunks of a dirty, mud-looking substance in it. I freak out, show Tiffany and ask her how to clean it out. She tells me to use hydrogen peroxide and that it’s going to hurt a lot ... I’m riding a bike with a group of people, but I need to get around them. When I try to speed up, I realize that the bike is far too heavy for me to ride (I nearly fall over several times). Brody appears and explains to me that I need to put it on a different setting. He shows me a paper that has all the settings on it (one of which is “nighttime”).