Want a Malteser?!

Date: 1/19/2017

By amandalyle

I lost my temper with my daughter Phoebe and demanded she sit on the naughty step... at the age of 12! Next scene; I had dropped the kids off at my mums house and said I'd be back at half 4 for roast dinner. I then got into the car and drove over to Tony's house, to find him crying on the bed with his head in his hands. He didn't speak to me and, instead, we just sat in awkward silence. After awhile, I told him how I felt about everything and left things on a slightly better note. He walked me half way back to my mums, and then I walked the rest of the way on my own, but then I remembered that I had left my car at his house - so I had to walk all the way back. I looked at the time to see it was half 4 (the time I promised my mum I'd be home) I just wanted to get my car and leave - time was ticking on - but Tony's mum ended up inviting me in for a cup of tea and a chat, and I couldn't break away. Next scene; I was on the bed with Mat. He had his 'manhood' out and he kept doing magic tricks with it, like weightlifting things with it and sucking up Maltesers from their packet 😳 Next scene; I had parked the car in town, and was looking at some directions on a piece of paper. Finally, I found the building I needed to visit and sat in the waiting room. An old man inviting me in. He was a friendly guy with a white beard. The room was bustling with people. I was supposed to be talking to a solicitor (for whatever reason) but, instead, I ending up getting drunk with the actress from the E4 programme 'Catastrophe'