The Holiday From Hell (Featuring Freddie Mercury and a bunch of Zombie Prostitutes 🧟‍♂️)

Date: 9/19/2019

By amandalyle

I had gone on a mini break with my friends Fran, Lou and Kylie. It was a cheap and cheerful Butlins meets Centre Parcs sort of place and we were expecting to have the greatest time. Oh, how wrong we were. We got settled in our hotel and made our way over to the large indoors swimming pool which had all these fun slides. I walked over to meet the girls at the pool, but only Kylie (and now my husband Mat) were hanging out by the large pool with their feet in the little pool. I threw an inflatable in the pool with them and they were both really pissed off, because they said that the pool sells the inflatable and they weren’t to be messed around with. “God!” I huffed, “I was only having fun with you guys.” I decided to walk off in a strop (hoping they’d be really annoyed) but by the time I checked to see if the big pool was open (it wasn’t open until 2) and returned back, they hadn’t even noticed that I had gone... so I threw yet another inflatable at them to try to get their attention. “You’re so immature!” Mat scolded and off he fucked. Freddie Mercury was now with us and he was looking like he had climbed fresh out of the grave. He was so frail and skinny but I recognised him straight away and went over to hug him. For some reason, he thought that I was his long lost girlfriend and he got really emotional. (I felt too awkward to put him right so I just went with it!) I clambered onto his knee and we were laughing and joking about old times. We were then called over to join in these wacky party games. One of them involved carrying the other person on their back. “Oh man, I’m gonna break his dear little skeletal soul!” I thought, but hopped on anyway. He was stronger than he looked and we came second. I was really chuffed. “I’m really thirsty!” I moaned. Freddie M then took a sip from his water bottle, grabbed me by my cheeks and started to regurgitate water into my mouth. “Yuck!” I yelled. “I’m sorry, Freddie. But I’m just not into that!” As the day passed on, we all went back to the hotel. Freddie and his bandmates had made their (lucky!) escape by then. The hotel looked nice enough, albeit, a little bog standard. As I walked through the dining area, I spotted this guy I know (who used to go out with my friend) and he quickly hung his head low. “What’s going on?” I thought, and then I realised that this wasn’t just any hotel... this was a brothel. There were two girls queuing up, both of whom I was shocked to know (and both called Amy) and he waved one of them over but both of them awkwardly stood up. “Not you!” He grunted to the wrong Amy. I then felt very sorry for the wrong Amy, because she had to then sexually pleasure this little ‘double amputee’ old man with circle glasses. He was wearing a bondage outfits and he was GTG! He licked his disgusting little lips and I felt sick forming in my throat. “Poor Amy,” I thought. “This is no life for a young girl.” I then tried to find my friends to tell them what I had discovered, to find them dotted all around the bloody place and I couldn’t get them all in the same spot at one time. Eventually, I found them all (lou was at the desk buying this really cool necklace with a forest etched on it), Fran was probably ranting on to some poor bystander about feminism and Kylie had figured this whole place out and wanted to get the fuck out of here. We all decided to leave, but before we had the chance to come up with a plan, all the prostitutes started to turn into zombies and chase after us. “Help!” We yelled at the once friendly lady behind the desk. “No one can help you now!” She replied. With that said, we ran upstairs (fools) only to realise that Fran and Lou were now not following behind. “Shit!” We cursed, and continued running up the spiral stairs. Every room we looked in, didn’t have any hiding spots or open windows that we could jump out of, so we were left with no other choice than to head to the attic room. As we made it up the last of the stairs, I turned back and waved hi to who I thought was Fran and Lou... but, now, were actually zombies themselves. “Ah shit!” Kylie cursed. “We are screwed now!” “Shall we just hide under the bed?” I suggested. Kylie gave me those ‘have you gone complete batshit crazy?!’ Eyes. “Yes.... I know, but at least we can die together!” I replied, holding out my hand. She grabbed it and she slid under the bed with me and it wasn’t long before we heard the thud of zombie footprints and then the door opening and then BAM! The bed sheets were pulled and there they were... actually normal again. “What the fuck!” I muttered under my breath. “Come on! Let’s go!” They yelled. On that note, we all ran out to find we were knee deep in snow. How long had we been in that place?! We had planned to rent a cabin near by where the zombies couldn’t get us and we stupidly agreed to separate again. It wasn’t long until I was completely alone again. A taxi ride appeared out of nowhere... only it wasn’t a normal taxi, it was more of a yellow toboggan. I hopped on the back and we sped off. As we trundled a little way long, the strange little fella (in the teeny circle glasses) turned back and I recognised him as that sleazy guy from the brothel. “Hold on, my love.... were in for a bumpy ride!” He said. And **roll credits** Next scene; we were in this massive hall in a RE lesson. An old Teacher (Mrs Cook) was rambling on about something mind numbing and boring. She picked a few people to answer her now forgotten question and then she, out of the blue, chose me. “What do you think, Amanda?” I thought for a second, what seemed like a thousand glaring pair of eyes in my direction. “In the heart!” I answered, thinking it was an all round winning generic answer. The hall up-roared in hysterical laughter and I felt like a right buffoon.