A Happy Ending?

Date: 5/18/2017

By amandalyle

A man comes rushing into my house with a plate full of cakes. "How the heck did he get in?" I wondered, and discovered that he had just walked right in. (How rude!) He told me that he's in the neighbourhood, collecting money for charity. I reluctantly bought a few to keep him happy and then sent him on his merry way. Next scene; I was reading a newspaper clipping by the window. It turned out to be a news story about my neighbour. I had been living next door to him for 3 years but didn't even know his name (true story!) Apparently his name is Mark. I kept saying his name over and over, as if he were to magically appear in my living room. Instead, he walked passed my house and waved. Next scene; my husband was accuses me of 'drink driving' whilst having the boys in the car and I swore adamantly that this wasn't true. I wouldn't put the kids at risk... EVER! But no matter how much I swore blind that I hadn't, he didn't believe me. "I smell alcohol on your breath!" He argued. "But I haven't had anything to drink!" I sobbed. Next scene; My husband had ordered a temporary wedding band to replace the one he threw into the lake (again, true story!) It arrived and he put it on. Happiness rushed over me. "We're going to be okay" I smiled.