Three Departed Souls

Date: 4/30/2019

By rodrigooshiro

It is very rare I dream about people who have departed, but in a single night I felt the presence of three spirits. First I remember my father talking, I am not sure if it was to me. His voice was deeper, very different from the voice I remember. He was telling that every Friday he had soccer matches with friends and there was this moment he got distracted because the goalkeeper took off his own pants and he could not kick. Anyway I was under impression he was mad at the goalkeeper, but somehow happy in his new life. Next I felt the presence of my grandmother. I was in her house and eating cookies. My mouth was full and I wanted more. She gave me her blessing and I walked towards the table to grab some more. Then her husband, my grandfather, sat in my place. I did not care though and when I sat back it was like 3 people crunched in the sofa. My grandfather did not say a word. I felt his soul was not as light as my grandmother. She was smiling and at peace.