Hypnotism/exposed/princess/mechanical bull?

Date: 7/17/2019

By DevaJu5395

Walking around with a group of folks under some kind of trance. Jason and I are unaffected but playing along. A woman seems to sense that not everyone is hypnotized and she does this movement with her arms, hands locked in some sort of tut or mudra, and everyone is brought to their knees and comes lying down on the ground. We're just out of sight so we don't move at first and then I think better of it and tell him to lie down with me. He hesitates and then gets on his stomach. I whisper to him that this is kind of like becoming aware that you're dreaming - you know you're dreaming but you can't control anything yet. We know this is a fucked up situation but we can't do anything about it yet. Jason starts to slowly army crawl closer to the woman, we're kind of blocked by columns and stuff. He says he wants to get a closer look at her. I tell him the [insert name I can't remember] is going around checking that everyone is under the woman's control, and that he should slow down. Just then, a toddler looking creature crawls up and sniffs around us, pauses, then giggles and crawls away. I think it's blind. -- Jonah inherited a skating rink and diner style restaurant that was part of a casino. He asked me to help work in it and I agreed. He gave me this skimpy black apron style dress to wear and I started waiting tables. They were set around the rink, the whole diner and rink was set up on these risers and beneath the rink were the restrooms and exit to the casino. I started getting uncomfortable with customers flirting with me left and right and decided to change clothes. At this point the casino was really busy and crowded, and there was a massive line to the restroom. Waiting in line was a woman I've seen around town irl and we greeted like old friends. I explained that I worked there and was trying to change clothes because I felt exposed. She asked what I meant and I looked down to point out that my dress was totally sheer under certain lighting. I touched my breasts and said, "them's my nips!" -- Satellite malfunctioned before entering orbit, hit a tree and me, causing weird abrasions and burn marks on my leg. Later, visiting Glenn's place he suggests some kind of dancing game ends up naked, flaccidly flopping without a care in the world -- A woman trying to convince her aunt that she's dating, pays a guy to walk past the aunt dining outside. Meet up with her later on a pier and she has this sun catching contraption up to her face, like those old foil tanning things. She sees me and folds up the reflector and another part of it folds out into an elaborate square shaped umbrella over her head. She looks like some kind of desert dwelling princess as she glides over to me. -- Organizing weird compartment carts Snakes with babies on top of one Harmless grass or ribbon Cut to helping someone with a show Giving suggestions being interrupted Daughter of one of the creators likes me But has a terminal illness She gives me a gift before her final sleep I cry uncontrollably Cut to grandmother, I can't find her Finally find her digging in freezer Pulls out a stack of frozen desserts I tell her it's not ours Cut to performance art Chick on mechanical bull with extreme platform boots on