Dinner party, adopted dogs, I lost control of my body, hiding in cheese

Date: 4/28/2019

By lucysdreams

So I was being forced to go to this dinner party but along the way we adopted two new dogs - a little Italian greyhound looking black dog and a Pomsky. Really cute. Anyway the dinner party was OK but T kept putting his hands around me and kissing my forehead. I just kind of let him do it. Then we went into some sort of dark cave and we had a magnifying glass and would look at people. I left early and then everyone else left but F stayed because he had a weird hunch. Idk where I am at this point. He looks through the magnifying class and he sees my face smiling back at him creepily through the darkness. He runs out and I feel my body falling and falling and falling. I’m sure I wasn’t in there - I left - but I wasn’t outside either. Anyway, the others go play on the sand except F comes in an Uber with me, Evie, Olga and yas. He mentions T and Olga looks like she’s about to blow. We get out and come to this sort of abandoned warehouse. Suddenly we hear marinas aunties and we have to start running and hiding. We find this huge prop cheese block and jump on that and hide in the crevices.