Peter Pan was blue man

Date: 8/30/2019

By DevaJu5395

A deep blue Peter Pan and Wendy are walking on this dock overlooking a lake. They're talking casually as Peter occasionally dips his toe in the water. Each time he does, the ripples shimmer into the same deep royal blue as their skin, only for a blink. Another colorful couple, one yellow one blue, are talking and walking and each time they touch, a deep green glow travels up their fingers for a moment. Then I'm in a classroom for some holiday, classes are combined and it's a mad house. One teacher is frantically trying to find her mermaid gift and while looking for it I discover several gifts of my own, like a massage certificate and a bunch of bath sets. Another teacher is trying to coax two children down from a shelf they climbed onto. One finally jumps to her and the other does a perfect somersault and lands on his feet.