"You Have The Personality of a Shop Mannequin!"

Date: 5/10/2017

By amandalyle

My father was alive again and we were out shopping together. We stumbled across a cute soft toy. It was a dog and we immediately thought of Alex (he loves his Dog-Dog!) This one came with a cd which he could play games on, but it took hours to load... like the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, back in the 90's. Next scene; I was in town, talking to my friend's husband (Aksen) over the counter of his food fan. I was waiting for my friend Ash to come meet me. While I was waiting, Aksen and I were doing mathematical sums for fun. That was until a crazy lady started to strip in the middle of town and started to chase scared men away. Ash came out a few minutes later and asked what all the commotion was about. "Oh, just your average day in Taunton!" I laughed. I felt disappointed that she'd missed out on all the action. Next scene; I was at the First Date hotel. I recognised the famous American conjoined twins (Abby and Britney Hansel - had to Google that!) and then had to do a double take, when I noticed that they were no longer conjoined. They were playing a prank on this guy by swapping places and thought this was hilarious. "Have a good date!" I called over to her (I'm not sure which one) and walked off. I then received a message from my daughter, Phoebe, asking for the money that her dad had been giving her for child maintenance and my face filled red with anger. I found her outside the First Dates Restaurant and I told her that she couldn't have the money because her father had never paid a penny of child support in his life. "Okay, okay!" She said, ignoring my frustration and walking off with her friends. Next scene; Mat came home from London. He'd been on a big night out again and I was feeling jealous. Funny how a man with 'supposedly' no money socialises so much! He came back in cheery spirits, but I ruined it by being a complete and utter bitch. I was yelling irrational insults at him and even told him that he had the personality of a shop mannequin. Ouch! He was upset. I could see it in his eyes. I apologised then, but the words had been said and I couldn't take them back.