The Kebab Shop Curse of Eternal Clown Doom

Date: 2/16/2017

By TonyDreamer

A man is hitting another man on a night out outside a fast food place. He is very aggressive and is beating the other man who is attempting to defend himself. After the altercation is over, the bully enters the kebab place where he attempts to intimidate the rather meek looking server taking his order. The server immediately dives into a large tank of green translucent water and starts to swim around like a strange aquatic beast. He curses the violent man with a hex that means he will forever be haunted by the grim vision of a menacing clown's face wherever he goes. The man then goes about his life living in constant fear and misery as he suffers the periodic unpleasant presence of the clown's disturbing gaze upon him for the rest of his life.