Date: 3/26/2019

By rubslug

Me and lucy we’re driving around trying to find food . We drive past the McDonald’s drive thru and a lady hangs out the window with an ice cream cone (waffle) and yells, come get it!!! So I’m like okay and go grab it. I was gonna just take it and drive away but started to feel guilty and lucy’s like go in and get me a cone too. So I do, but inside the workers are totally harassing me and don’t believe a word of what I’m saying bc they think I’m a thief. I decide to steal a long red looking ice cream bar too. But I’m trying to pay for the two cones with my card and I can’t .. the instructions on the pin pad are tiny and hard to read and make no sense. It wants me to put my pin in with some kind of weird cryptic code that has “m” and “8” in it a lot of times. It makes no sense and I’m embarassed and keep messing it up. I’m too embarassed to pay with the $10 bill I have too. I tell them I can’t do it and they hand me a packet of little white pills and I pop a few.