Date: 3/6/2017

By TheNightmanCometh

I remember that there was a strange man that gave me blueprints to a building and told me that I was going to have to break into it to retrieve something, I did not know what though. Then I remember being at my house very early in the morning like 3 o'clock and Ashley showed up as well as another guy. They told me that they were also instructed to break into the building but they didn't know how. I went over all the blueprints with them and we discussed our game plan. Meanwhile I remember someone was outside cutting the grass and doing other chores. I remember that once we got there it was daytime and there were a bunch of workers in the building it's seem to be under construction. I got in but then was trapped because there were workers all around. I was wearing my red work jacket and when one of them asked who I was I told them that I was there to make sure there was no mold. They bought it. I remember getting in my car and driving to somebody else's house though I'm not sure who it was, the house was one of four in a block of houses and in the middle of them there was a forest that had a pond in the middle. I remember in one of the trees there was a bobcat. The house was very confusing and I couldn't find the right door to get out but eventually did. Another dream I remember Jess was over at my house and we were hanging out. Some other members of the friend group were there too so that made it kind of weird. She ended up giving me her number then I walked her out, she drove away, and I woke up.