a lotta shit

Date: 4/6/2017

By deepa

ok so im talking to lok lam about the projevt and laughing ha ha and then later when we meet the group i open some email and porn shit pops up dont know why and i kept fogetting my password it made no sense.. another bit was at some big place where we can tour around i guess? and theres jim carrey making some dumb jokes and im with klaudia i guess and i ask her to move to a bettet spot to view him while we r at the back row..idk what jim carreys doing there. an earlier dream was me and geo at a coffee shop sort of thing for breakfast and we can choose whatever we want like some buffet stylw and i ask the lady for coffee and shes friendly. there are clean toilets compared to the older shit that i somehow recall and i tell geo theres been some renovation work. and then were playing monopoly or some sort with his friends like johnny not sure if geos there but there r other ppl around.. then um im talking with someone to this guy and something from the back of his shorts kept drippimg some liquid and im so affected by it so i tell him at some point or whoever im with tells him and he gwts so upset and lookd around and finds that its a condom..how gross is that but he gets upset at Us and the chick with me/us is upset too and he gets sad cus maybe he fancied her idk... and at some point im puking yellow noodle shit out on the sink while geos mates are around idk ready to go somewhere maybe? somehow the scene changes to some indian temple where a couple is fighting or praying..and someone takes a picture oh ya scary dream thing from the beginning with someone not letting me leave the house cus he bought the place or smth but then i pack my bags when my sister is showering and sort of run away? im not too sure about this part i shud have written it down earlier